Ship internationally fastly, 5-6days well received.
Congratulations on: 160646 sales since year 2012, and also 16821 sales on our ETSY store since year 2014!
Claire Mcclements wrote on Jul-20,2017
Claire Mcclements wrote on Jul-20,2017
donnap hotography wrote on Jun-30,2017
Christine Berres wrote on Jun-05,2017
Your site is a piece of crap. How dare you send out a CONFIRMATION EMAIL for an ORDER that never got PLACED? You confused me into thinking I paid for something that I didn't pay for. Now I find a week before my best friend's wedding that the order was never placed. Also, you have no reminder email set up to tell people they haven't paid? So, a person puts something in their cart, they get a CONFIRMATION ORDER, and no FOLLOW up email? GET some real developers working on your site and catch up wit
kanielle van genther wrote on May-24,2017
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