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Cancellation of order
Cancellation of order:

1, If you want to correct something for your order, then you do not need to cancel the order, but just advise us by sending us a message to advise the changes, so that we will mark the change on your order and do the change accordingly when making the item/items. That will be ok. thank you!

2, If for some reasons and you do not need the items and want to cancellation, then please kindly follow below:
**, unpaid order: could be cancelled within 2-3 days.
**, paid less than 3 days, 50% cost of dress and shipping cost could be returned,
**, paid at 3-20 days, 30% cost of dress and shipping cost could be returned.
**, the item/items have been sent, then can’t cancel the order and can not return the payment to you. Then it will be apply to return policy! Thank you!
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