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Ship internationally fastly, 5-6days well received.
Rachael, Spragg wrote on Jun-5,2016
Jaime, ion-obrien wrote on Jun-4,2016
The bandeau that came with the dress was too small. I contacted the seller and they offered to make me a larger bandeau, which fits great!
Laura, White wrote on Jun-3,2016
Gorgeous dress, just what I expected. good fabric and fantastic dress!!!!!!!
Eveline, Sicking wrote on Jun-2,2016
Absolutely love these dresses and so do all 6 bridesmaids. Great communication, great service absolutely fantastic dresses can't recommend them enough. The only negative I would say is the amount for postage was not reduced for a bulk buy order even thoug
Angela, Noble wrote on Jun-1,2016
Perfect, quick shipment and great quality. I love how a bandeau is included.
Samantha, Singleton wrote on May-31,2016
Great quality, speedy process! Bargain!
jennifer, Morris wrote on May-30,2016
Shipped on time! Great product!
Samantha, klufa wrote on May-29,2016
Wonderful fit! Shipped on time!! Will definitely order from them again!
C/O DHL GLOBAL, McFarland wrote on May-28,2016
Fast shipping and personalized service!
Jennifer, FORWARDING wrote on May-27,2016
Love, Love, Love it! The dress is so beautiful. This is a better deal than the expensive brands
Kerry Dale -, Patterson wrote on May-26,2016
Fast shipping and great customer service! !! Would highly reccomend!
laura, WILEY wrote on May-25,2016
Used these black multi way dresses for my bridesmaids, and they are beautiful! So classy, elegant, and versatile. They came about 5 days earlier then expected, and the people answered all of my questions promptly, and we're very helpful. Definitely would
Shelly, smyth wrote on May-24,2016
Mischele, Baker wrote on May-23,2016
LaTonya, Chrupcala wrote on May-22,2016
Jessica, Pratt wrote on May-21,2016
Molly, Crispell wrote on May-20,2016
Clorissa, Johnson wrote on May-19,2016
Paige, Boardman wrote on May-18,2016
Gorgeous dress! Prompt shipping and excellent customer service!
Shelby, McMains wrote on May-17,2016
The dresses are still really pretty in person and I love the material. Totally worth it also the color was exactly like the pic. Decent shipping time as well.
Shelby, Ferguson wrote on May-16,2016
Shipped quickly. Came in great condition!
Mairead, Ferguson wrote on May-15,2016
Much better quality then I anticipated for the price! SO much fun to twist into different shapes
Letty, Harvey wrote on May-14,2016
These are perfection. Thanks so much!
Ashleigh, Malik wrote on May-13,2016
Great. Thank you. Perfect. Just as described.
marquetta, Appleby wrote on May-12,2016
Luv the quality of the dress
Crystal, McCorkle wrote on May-11,2016
Love the dress and fits so many different body types!!
Stacy, Usita wrote on May-10,2016
Item just as it appears in photo. Great communication.
Darryl, Twait wrote on May-9,2016
Shelby, Banner wrote on May-8,2016
Camila, Ferguson wrote on May-7,2016
Jaclyn, Sampaio wrote on May-6,2016
Ramona, Vickery wrote on May-4,2016
Really pleased with them, thank you
Christine, Loiselle wrote on May-4,2016
I got my swatches very quickly! The only heads up I would give to a future customer is to make sure that you are sure that you are ordering the fabric for the dress you are anticipating buying. These are labeled with numbers but the dresses are labeled wi
Diajia, Lindner wrote on May-4,2016
Very fast shipment and great communication. Highly recommend..
Garnet, Jones wrote on May-4,2016
This dress is fantastic! I am ordering them for my bridesmaids. I ordered one to see what the quality was like in person and it is so beautiful! I just love it and can't wait to wear them! I can't wait to see them on my girls! So beautiful and the shippin
Brielle, Gowing wrote on May-4,2016
Beautiful dress. Doesn't wrinkle easily. Some printed instructions would be helpful, these dresses are tricky! Shipped very quickly. Thanks!!
Liz, Perea wrote on May-4,2016
Emma, Jackson wrote on May-4,2016
Gaynor H, Breadmore wrote on May-4,2016
Shelby, Murie wrote on May-4,2016
Tiffany, Ferguson wrote on May-4,2016
Deeannah, Howe wrote on May-4,2016
Amanda, Taylor wrote on May-4,2016
Sydney, Wee wrote on May-4,2016
I LOVE these dresses! I ordered one to make sure it would fit all three of my bridesmaids and then immediately ordered two more. The quality and feel of this fabric is beautiful.
Jennifer Simonich C/O, Williams wrote on May-4,2016
Perfect! I absolutely love the material! I ordered one dress for my bridesmaid to try on... they wear size 4, 7, 14 and 16 and the regular size fit all four! I love the versatility and it will be perfect for my wedding!
Cameron, Himes wrote on May-4,2016
Fantastic dress, great quality and colour match!
Bridgette, Coe wrote on May-4,2016
Super happy I came across these!! Ordered 3 then had to get another and they, all 4, came quick! Just had to message the seller to let him know. Very nice material, stretchy and cool to the touch! My girls are going to look fabulous in July!
Heidi, Bester wrote on May-4,2016
I love this dress. It's perfect for my sister's wedding. Got here at a decent time. Didn't take long like most places would. Ordered it on the jan 18th and got it on Feb 2nd.
morgane, Miller wrote on May-4,2016
Good this one for another order.
donna, rogister wrote on May-4,2016
Lovely fabric, nice full skirt, and great versatility. I've already ordered a second one!
Sandra, lee wrote on May-4,2016
Perfect! Great quality, exactly as described Thankyou :)
Robyn, Lagoudis wrote on May-4,2016
Excellent service! Received really quick. Ordered 4 of these dresses on 2 separate occasions and can't fault anything! Lovely quality too. Excellent value for money.
Kate, Kolbauer wrote on May-3,2016
Dresses are beautiful. Shipped very fast.
Shelly, Graves wrote on May-2,2016
Talvi, Vodopija wrote on May-1,2016
Kammi, Vanderveer wrote on Apil-30,2016
bobby, Killeen wrote on Apil-29,2016
Louise, parkinson wrote on Apil-27,2016
Heather, Weatherbed wrote on Apil-27,2016
Cassandra, Shinn wrote on Apil-27,2016
Love these, and so do my bridesmaids!
Meggan, Cash wrote on Apil-27,2016
The fabric is nice and has a great texture. The color is beautiful as well
Brooke, Capuano wrote on Apil-27,2016
This dress is incredible! Fit all my bridesmaids perfectly (my girls range from sizes 4-18). It's amazing how many different ways you can wear it and how flattering it is. The length was just long enough as well (no one was over 5'5"). It'd recommend gett
Mahalia, Berrens wrote on Apil-27,2016
Gorgeous dress. Will definitely buy from this shop again :D
Elisha, Chambers wrote on Apil-27,2016
Great timing. Love the color.
Emily, Keller wrote on Apil-27,2016
Ordered 4 for my bridesmaids and they are fabulous! The material is heavy and sits beautifully, and the overall quality of the stitching is faultless. Can't recommend enough!!
Kayla, Campbell wrote on Apil-27,2016
CAITLYN, Wilbanks wrote on Apil-27,2016
Kristin, STEWART wrote on Apil-27,2016
Sharlene, Roberts wrote on Apil-27,2016
Christine, Satterfield wrote on Apil-27,2016
LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress! everything I wanted.. great material used! can feel the weight in the fabric.. Great on all shapes and sizes as my bridesmaids are both tall and skinny and short and broad.. Would recommend to anyone great value for money!
Quinn, Kuri wrote on Apil-27,2016
Stunning Peachy-Pink color and soft, flawless fabric! The shipment was on time, and the product exceeded my expectations. Would certainly order again!
lisa, Pillo wrote on Apil-27,2016
I bought this dress as a trial run before I made a decision on whether or not I wanted my bridesmaids to order. Let me say that this dress is such a beautiful dress! I fell in love with it the moment that I put it on. I didn't watch the tutorials from the
Marisa, sinsuat wrote on Apil-27,2016
Dress is amazing thought it would be a little longer but still gorgeous
Donald, Josling wrote on Apil-27,2016
Beautiful quality and awesome price
Maria, Johnston wrote on Apil-26,2016
Shipped quicker than I thought and looks perfect
Cassie, Gayla wrote on Apil-25,2016
Tareva, O'Boyle wrote on Apil-24,2016
Caylie, Martin wrote on Apil-23,2016
Deanna, Miller wrote on Apil-22,2016
Great quality fabric, beautiful colour. Love it! Highly recommended.
Tonya, Sim wrote on Apil-21,2016
The colour is true to the picture, it looks much better on a person than my first impression of it was! The fabric is thick, however, for this particular light pink, you would definitely need skin-coloured panties underneath, all other colours would shine
Crystal, Thomas wrote on Apil-20,2016
Stunning dress exactly as described and pictured. Excellent communication and would highly recommend to others.
Sarah, Flowers wrote on Apil-19,2016
Fantastic service. Dress as pictured and communication was brilliant. Highly recommended.
Rachel, Wilson wrote on Apil-18,2016
Sarah, Walker wrote on Apil-17,2016
Very good quality dresses for an amazing price, I ordered 2 for my bridemaids dresses and they look great, excellent service, very happy!!!
Allison, Cesar wrote on Apil-16,2016
The dress is cute and arrived on time!
Nikita, Chapman wrote on Apil-15,2016
Love these dresses ordered 3 for my bridesmaids, great quality, the same as some high end brands but a lot cheaper!! Would definitely recommend
Marci, King wrote on Apil-14,2016
paula, Fontes wrote on Apil-13,2016
Destiney, new wrote on Apil-12,2016
Lisa, Garrett wrote on Apil-11,2016
Christina, Wentzlaff wrote on Apil-10,2016
Fast and easy shipping. Easy payment.
Christina Pacella C/O, Stricker wrote on Apil-9,2016
This dress will perfect for my bridesmaids! Exactly what I was after!
Jeanne, Amicus wrote on Apil-8,2016
Exactly what I wanted and as described
Ryane, Fenn wrote on Apil-5,2016
erfect to wear for my bridal shower! Shipped on time too
Caroline, Hill wrote on Apil-5,2016
Love Love Loved these dresses! I had 4 girls of all sizes and they looked great on ALL of them. They each wore their dress differently to go with their body and it was perfect. They shipped quickly and arrived right on time with what the seller said! Will
Chelsea, Taufic wrote on Apil-5,2016
I used these dresses as bridesmaids dresses for my wedding. The girls loved that they could wear it however they wanted, and I liked that they still looked uniform. Doesn't come with instructions though which would be nice.
Ann, Jantz wrote on Apil-5,2016
Material came in right on time. Beautiful colors. I am about to order my bridesmaid dresses today.
Jessia, Lukacsy wrote on Apil-5,2016
Raven, Noott wrote on Apil-5,2016
Angelica, Posey wrote on Apil-5,2016
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